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Your time is precious
Android Development is constantly changing. Jetpack Compose is the future of Android UI, new Android versions bring new APIs and behavior changes every year, new AndroidX libraries are constantly being updated.
Sure you can go ahead and learn all that on your own, but we all know how it is to learn a new technology:
  • 😪 a lot of Googling,
  • 🤕 checking StackOverflow questions.
  • 😫 going through endless Medium blog posts.
  • 😤 skipping though hour long unedited Youtube videos.
  • 🤔 going through tons of confusing documentation.
  • 😭 beg for answers on StackOverflow.
This can take forever and takes the productivity and fun out of your work. This only leads to procrastination and feeling horrible that you get no work or progress done.
There is a better way!
Composables contains short and sweet video courses that show exactly how to use any API or part of Android you need. Each course is designed to teach you as much as possible, in the least amount of time possible. Each lesson is usually 1 to 2 minutes long.
When you join Composables you get:
  • ✅ Full access to all courses
  • ✅ Download courses for offline viewing
  • ✅ Regular new content releases
  • ✅ Support for any lesson

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