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What Developers are saying

Love the quality of your article. Keep going 👏

Big congratulations Alex, got my first paid job because of your compose ebook 👍. Thank you

Огромное спасибо просто лучшее объяснение! thx

I'm surprised by how you spend no time talking bullshit...mad props for that! Thx a lot for your effort.

I’ve learned a lot from you.

This is exactly what I was looking for. Found my solution within first 45 seconds. Thank you for this.

How to model complex screens in Jetpack Compose via @alexstyl >> nice intro! #JetpackCompose

Best 2 minutes I've spent today, thank you!!

Definitely coming to you when I'm forced to deal with JC.

I spent days trying to figure out this concept without success. 2 minutes video and everything is clear. I understand everything. 👍 Thanks Alex Styl

I feel like I'm on the right channel to learn Jetpack Compose. Short and clear. Most of the other channels make it complicated as if we know everything.

Simple, fast, and easy-to-follow tutorial.

Thanks for that!

Definitely your contents are great and easy to understand.🤓🤓

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